Looking for Volunteers to Join our Turtle Protection Project on the Coast of Ghana

As you may know I run a project on the Eastern coast of Ghana which works to protect female leatherback turtles, olive ridley turtles, and green turtles which arrive on the coast to lay their eggs. 100_0593Traditionally the community kill and eat both the turtles and their eggs. We have been spending the last 10 years working to change this practice to ensure the long term survival of leatherbacks and other turtles.
The protection season runs from October to March inclusive. Please have a look at my report from last year’s season ( see previous blog).100_1315 - Copy

I am looking for volunteers to join the Turtle Protection Team and help them in their efforts. If you could join them from 1 to 3 months you could be a great help to the team.

Requirements : –
There are some costs involved :

flight ( £450 to £600 )
visa ( £50 )
cost of staying at Meet Me There as a volunteer, One Month £850, two Months £1250, three Months £1650 ( this covers all costs in Ghana including accomodation, all food, airport pickup, etc )
insurance and anti malarials

The Voluntary Work
You will be going out at night with the turtle protection team to patrol and find and protect laying turtles. As well as this you will be responding to sighting where you will be called to a laying turtle so you can protect her and her eggs. You will ensure the turtle gets safely back to the sea, and you will be relocating the eggs so they can hatch in a safe area.
A lot of this work is done at night, so you will need to be able to work at nights, and rest in the day. This is not always easy as all the other volunteers will be working in the day.
No experience necessary, but if you have experience in this line of work that would be a huge bonus.

If you are interested in joining us to work with us to protect this amazing animal please email me on hpnewton@hotmail.co.uk

This is the NGO that operates out of Meet Me There
This is the lodge you will be staying at.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks Hugh Newton.

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