Report from the Turtle Protection team for the 2018 and 2019 laying season.


Turtles 2018 & 2019

This year our turtle team registered and obtained its license from the Ghana Wildlife Department. This means now that we are officially recognized, and can hope for support from the Wildlife Department for our efforts. I had a meeting when I was in Ghana with the Wildlife Department who promised to support our team.

When I was staying at Meet Me There in December Debbie and I witnessed a beautiful mother leatherback laying her eggs on the beach opposite Meet Me There. I have added a couple of photos of this turtle.


Total turtles found this season:


45 alive

8 killed

834 eggs protected

75 hatchlings helped to the sea, the rest made their way on their own.


Olive Ridley:

24 alive

12 killed

548 eggs protected

237 hatchlings helped to the sea, the rest made their way on their own.



Olive Ridley



357 eggs protected



14 Olive Ridley

4 killed

191 eggs protected



Olive Ridley

6 alive

2 dead


5 alive

1 killed

415  eggs protected

85 olive ridley hatchlings taken to the sea


December 2018

Olive Ridley

3 alive


12 alive

1 killed

283 eggs protected


January 2019

Olive Ridley

2 killed


25 alive

6 killed

136 eggs protected

52 hatched OR sent to the sea


February 2019

1 Olive Ridley

3 leatherbacks alive

75 baby leatherbacks put in the sea

100 baby olive ridley put in the sea

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