Report from the Turtle Protection Team 2020 and 2021

Turtle Protection Results 2020 & 2021


Total turtles found this season:


 Alive 5

 Killed 0

Olive Ridley:

 Alive 46

 Killed 27

Green Turtle

 Alive 1

Over a thousand eggs protected and over 500 hatchlings helped to the sea. Numerous other hatchlings made their own way to the sea.

Again this year we are seeing much lower numbers of leatherbacks than we used to see.

The number of killed Olive Ridley look bad, however 25 of these were killed at sea, probably by large fishing boats. The washed ashore already dead.

Only 2 Olive Ridley were know to be killed on the beach, which is a much better result than normal.

September 2020

Olive Ridley



numerous eggs protected


1 alive

October 2020

10 Olive Ridley alive

2  killed

4 found washed up dead

numerous eggs protected

November 2020

Olive Ridley

10 alive

17 dead found washed up dead on the beach. Believed to have drowned in fishing nets of large vessels out to sea.


 0 alive

 0 killed

many eggs protected – taken to Felix’s yard so they can grow until hatching when they are released in the sea.

1 forty year old green turtle. Poached and taken to a house in Dzita. The team removed it with great difficulty and took it to Felix’s house where it laid eggs. It was then released in the sea.

December 2020

Olive Ridley

16 alive


All laid eggs – protected except 3 nests poached


3 alive

0 killed

2 laid eggs – all protected

I nest poached

January 2021

Olive Ridley

1 alive

1 washed ashore already dead

347 hatchlings taken to the sea


 1 alive

 0 killed

 eggs protected

 174 hatched and sent to the sea

February 2021

 1 Olive Ridley washed up dead on the shore.

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