Please Help

To sit on the beach with one of these gigantic Leatherback mothers as she lays her eggs is an amazing experience. These regal creatures feel so gentle and peaceful. Everyone who comes to our lodge and sees the turtles laying is touched and entranced by them. My children have been deeply affected by spending time with them. Yet they are so vulnerable and defenceless. And this means that they are easily caught they easily killed.


I am deeply upset to think that my grandchildren may never have the opportunity to quietly sit by one of these ancient mothers as she lays her eggs. I am not prepared to accept this without making every possible effort to protect these wonderful animals. They have been on this planet longer than I have.


I am not qualified in animal protection, but I am deeply concerned about protecting these animals who share our world. I do not have the time to run a big charity, but I do have the time and ability to run an effective turtle protection programme along the 18km stretch of beach in front of the lodge in the Volta. However, due to the success of this programme, I can no longer fund it myself. I need your help to keep this programme running, and to keep protection in place for this ancient turtle race. If you would like to help protect these turtles, and ensure a future for them, please join with me. It would be an absolute tragedy for us to loose these animals. They have been here for a hundred million years, and yet at the moment are critically endangered. Please join me, and lets try to keep them with us.


2 thoughts on “Please Help

  1. Dear
    We are a grassroots women organization working towards your project to collaborate in raising funding with our partners in USA for similar partnership conservation work along the coastline if we succeed you will ear from us, We are an officially registered NGO/ organization located in Ashaiman/Tema. Please confirm if you wish we can collaborate to safe this endangered species a better Ghana. Thanks. looking forward to hear from you shortly.

    • Dear Alice.
      Thank you for writing to me. I would love to link up with you and work together to protect nesting turtles along the coast of Ghana. Could you email me on and we can start chatting to see what we can do together. The laying season is coming soon. Best wishes Hugh Newton.

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