Thank You

In the past we have been supported by a number of people. In particular we have had two volunteers who have visited us and contributed considerable effort to protecting the turtles.


Rosanne Boyle. Rosanne joined us for two visits and put a great deal of effort towards working with the local community. She was instrumental in helping gain the support of the local chiefs, and she also worked in the local schools educating the children as to the benefits of protecting the turtles. Her work proved to be a turning point for the project, and since then we have been able to protect a lot more turtles.


Lucas Pike has also joined us twice. He raised money for the project, and administered this money over the 6 months while working with the protection crew. He went out on turtle protection patrols with the turtle guards and gave the project a great boost.

Many other good people have contributed to saving the turtles. These include:-

Nathan Thomas

William Brand

Paul Erne

Nathan Roberts

Dick Baker

Bill Roberts

Andrew Floyd

In 2013 I put out an appeal for funds to help with the 2013 laying season.

A number of people kindly contributed to make this season’s protection possible.

These included :

Pete Harmsworth

Nathan Roberts

Darren Thompson

Mark Flowers

David McGibney

Gordon Alexander

Ianto Doyle

Rob Barker

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